Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get help with my traffic ticket?
What kind of tickets can Tads Tickets help me with?
Why shouldn’t I just pay the ticket?
How do points affect my driving record and insurance rates?
Do I need to go to court?
Does hiring an attorney make a real difference in how a traffic ticket affects my driving record and what fines I pay?
When is my credit or debit card charged for your services?
How do I know that Tads Tickets website is secure?
Can you help me protect my CDL (Commercial Driver’s Licenses)?
Can you help me if I already have a warrant issued?

Tad Morlan, Attorney at Law

Tad Morlan is an attorney with over 29 years of experience. He puts his expertise to work for you and helps you resolve your traffic tickets. Tad also has a full legal practice and can likely help you if you have other legal needs.