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I've used Tad for a couple of speeding tickets and I know that after I get him the ticket that there's nothing to worry about. He takes care of everything!

Erin G.

He's the most honest forthright caring attorney you'll EVER encounter. HIGHLY recommended.

Austin S.

Hired Mr. Morlan to deal with 2 tickets of mine, and I couldn't be happier with the outcomes. Just what I had hoped would happen. Highly recommend Tad Morlan to anyone that is looking to resolve their tickets.

Jarek H.

Always great working with Tad and his team....if you are in a spot, got a ticket, or other issues...call them. They will give it to you straight.

Candace K.

I used Tad for some speeding tickets and he took great care of me. He handled the tickets in a timely and professional manner. I would definitely recommend him!


Tad is a very compassionate, diligent hardworking attorney, that you definitely want on your side!

Charity C.