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Frequently Ask Question

How much does it cost to get help with my traffic ticket?

Traffic Ticket help starts at just $75 dollars, however each case is different. We will review your case and let you know how much it will cost to resolve your particular issue.

What kind of tickets can Tads Tickets help me with?

We can help with just about any traffic ticket you might have received. We do handle more complex issues, such as DWI/DUI, so please call us or use our form to tell us about your situation. Chances are great that whatever it is you are facing, we’ll be able to help.

Why shouldn’t I just pay the ticket?

Paying a traffic ticket might seem like the quickest route to taking care of things, but do not be fooled. If you simply pay your ticket you will most likely end up with points on your license and probably pay increased insurance rates. In most cases we can help you avoid getting points on your record. You might need to take a driver’s safety course in exchange for keeping the ticket off your record, but each case is different.

How do points affect my driving record and insurance rates?

When you get a traffic ticket due to a moving violation or have an accident, a certain number of points are assigned to your license. If you accumulate too many points in too short a time period, your license can be suspended and your insurance rates can increase. Insurance companies often charge more to drivers with traffic tickets and poor driving record. It is important to protect the integrity of your license, and we can help you do that.

Do I need to go to court?

Tads Tickets takes care of your ticket and goes to court for you. Although, depending on the severity of your case you may have to accompany us to court. If you have any questions about your particular case, please feel free to call us.

Does hiring an attorney make a real difference in how a traffic ticket affects my driving record and what fines I pay?

Having a professional on your side can make a big difference. We can negotiate reduced fines and help keep points off your license. Points stay on your record for three years or more, so it is important to try and avoid them. We also save you the time and headache of going to court (in most cases). We can also help you take care of more complicated things, like if you have a warrant issued against you.

When is my credit or debit card charged for your services?

Depending on your violation your credit card will be charge immediately upon submission. If you have a more complicated case we will contact you with a quote, and then charge your card over the phone, through a link on square, or by check in the office.

Can you help me protect my CDL (Commercial Driver’s Licenses)?

If you have a CDL and have received a ticket, it is best to call our office and discuss the particulars of your case. In most instances we can help you resolve your traffic ticket and protect your CDL.

Can you help me if I already have a warrant issued?

If you think you have a warrant, it is important to call us immediately. In most cases we can help, but we need to get information from you so we can look into your particular case.