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School Zone Tickets

All the kids are back in school and traffic in the morning is back to its crazy, hectic self. When you’re running late to work or dropping your kids off at school, it’s easy to forget about school zones… which means you inevitably will get pulled over and given a ticket, making you even more late. Here are some things you should remember:

Stop for busses. When stopping to pick up children at a bus stop, the bus will typically have their stop sign out with flashing lights on. You always need to stop when you see this because children could be crossing the road. The only time you do not have to stop for a bus is when there are at least two lanes in each direction.

Notice speed limit reductions. For a typical school zone, the speed limit is 5-20mph. This could catch you by surprise when coming from a higher speed limit area, so it’s important to watch out for the recognizable school zone signs (speed bumps, flashing signs, etc).

Put your phone down. Not only is this dangerous to other drivers, but you won’t be able to see children crossing when you’re not paying attention. This is also a habit your kids will pick up on when they see you doing it consistently.

Understand the increased severity of ticketing in these areas. School zone safety is incredibly important to everyone, and no one wants to see a child get hurt. Because of this, you can expect ticket fines to be doubled (and sometimes even tripled) in these areas. School zones are also regularly patrolled by police officers, so your chance of getting a ticket when breaking the law is increased.

Pay attention the road for signs of a school zone or upcoming bus stop to ensure you are driving within the required speed limit. School zone tickets are taken very seriously here in Greene County, so if you have received one be sure to call Tad Morlan today for a professional opinion on the incident!