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10 Ways to Break your Speeding Habit

Is your lead foot a problem?  Even going a couple of miles over the posted speed limit can lead to dangerous situations on the road.  The faster you are traveling, the less time (and space) you will have to react or stop if something happens in front of you.

Here are some safe driving tips to help you be a safer driver:

  • Give yourself more time:  Do you find that you speed because you are always running late.  You can start by leaving a few minutes early, that might mean you have to wake up a little earlier as well.  Always take into consideration how long the drive from point A to point B, factoring in time if the time of day will have more traffic.
  • Identify Triggers:  Speeding doesn’t always happen when you’re running late.  Stress and anger could be triggers as well.  Learning your personal triggers can help you lean how to stop speeding all together. 
  • Check your Speedometer:  Might seem silly but just like any other mechanical or electronic component, your vehicles speedometer can get out of alignment.  If you find yourself passing other vehicles often, yet your speedometer says you’re going the speed limit, you might want to go to auto repair shop to have your mechanic look at your speedometer.
  • Use the Cruise Control:  This is the easiest way to prevent speeding!  You can easily set the pace you want based on the current traffic and speed limit for the road you’re on.  *Be sure to cancel the cruise control if you find yourself in a high-risk area like active construction zone and never use cruise control in wet or icy weather.
  • Check you tires:  You will wear your tires out quicker by driving fast often.  Bald tires or those with low air could cause tire blowouts when driving.
  • Use calming exercises:  If you find that one of your triggers to speeding is stress or anger, calming exercise like breathing routines could help reduce these feelings – and your speed.  You may have to experiment with different methods to take your mind off your stress or anger, such as listening to calming music or breathing exercises.
  • Try Technology aka Cell phone:  No, I do not mean use your cell phone while driving, however, some apps can be used safely and help you drive slower.  Most navigating apps have built-in speed monitoring when you set a route. The app will notify you when you have started going too fast.
  • Know the cost:  If you haven’t had a speeding ticket yet, you will.  Research the speeding laws in your local area and state.  You might be surprised the financial cost of just one speeding ticket. Too many tickets could also lead to a suspended license.  Not only does speeding cost you with legal fees, but you will also likely pay more at the pump if you regularly speed.  Going faster uses more gas.  A couple extra bucks that pump today might not seem like much, but it does add up.
  • Drive a Manual (stick shift):  If you feel like you’re not focusing on your driving as much as you should, switch from driving an automatic to a manual transmission.  This could keep your brain engage with your speed as you drive.
  • Find Adrenaline rushes elsewhere: If you are an adrenaline junkie, you might feel like you need to drive fast for the thrill.  Rather than making public roads less safe, consider moving your need for speed to another activity.

Being a good driver, could make you eligible for car insurance discounts – The safer you drive, the more likely you are to save! Breaking your speeding habit isn’t just good for your wallet or driving record, it also helps keep the road a safer place for everyone. If you do get a speeding ticket, you know who to call ~ Tad Morlan has your back!