Suspended License Attorney springfield mo

My license was suspended, now what?

Driving is a daily part of life for most of us. A license suspension or revocation may cause substantial hardship by preventing driving to work, school, medical appointments, banking, or groceries.

First, find out WHY your license was suspended, denied, or revoked.  You can order your official Missouri driving record by calling the Missouri Department of Revenue: (573)-751-2730.

Once you have your driving record, you can determine all the reasons your MO driver’s license might have been taken away.  There is a possibility there is more than one reason it may have been suspended or revoked.  If this happens, there may be different things you must do to satisfy each of the different types of violations.

A hardship license, also known as a limited driving privilege (LDP) license, is granted to someone whose driver’s license has been suspended or revoked. Under some circumstances, you may be able to receive limited driving privileges: driving to work, the grocery store and some other areas deemed as necessary. This is something we can help you with! Learn more here!

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