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What happens to my Commercial License if I get a ticket?

In Missouri, a commercial drivers license (CDL) holder is permitted to operate a commercial and non-commercial vehicle under a single license. There is no distinction between a private and commercial vehicle in Missouri – This means that violations occurring while the offender was driving a private vehicle will apply to their commercial license and vice versa. Penalties for moving violations or DUI’s apply to BOTH the personal and commercial.

Missouri law permits the courts to consider any traffic infractions or other violations occurring in other states as well as Missouri. This means that an individual could be considered a second or repeat offender in Missouri based on tickets or traffic convictions from other states.  Missouri mandates that the courts run a check on the last 10 years of a convicted traffic offender’s driving history to determine if any out-of-state tickets or infractions exist.

Speeding, lane violations and failing to stop are moving violations in Missouri, regardless of whether the CDL holder was towing a trailer at the time of the infraction. Speeding fines increase based on the speed with which the driver exceeded the posted limit as well as the point penalty.

License suspension is possible if the driver is convicted of multiple violations within a certain period of time and has points assessed against their license. Two moving violations within a three-year period result in a three-year CDL suspension. CDL holders are also not permitted to attend driver’s instruction to reduce the number of points levied against their license or the length of time their license is suspended. 

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