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Reasoning People Give for Speeding

We all instantly start searching our brains for the best excuse as soon as we fly past a police officer. There seem to be two types of excuses: the “police-approved,” and the “no hope left”. All excuses have a common goal, which is avoiding a speeding ticket.

While we don’t condone speeding or reckless driving, sometimes it can be funny to hear about the excuses people have tried. The easiest solution here is of course, to not speed. But here are a few of the better excuses people have used on the road:

“I really need to use the bathroom.”

 “I sped to protect the safety of my passengers and myself.”

Police officer’s duty is to protect. A handful of officers will excuse the speeding if it was to avoid a crash or accident.

“I was attempting to get out of an officers’ way.”

If you are on the road and an emergency vehicle is fast approaching and you must speed up to get around other vehicles to clear the path that will be excused in some instances.

Request a warning from the officer.

Many people do not think to ask the officer for grace and to write a warning instead of a ticket, so this can sometimes sway their decision.

“I was going with the flow.”

If accompanying traffic is traveling over the speed limit there are certain times when it can feel unsafe to drive below the speed of traffic.

“It is a medical emergency.”

“I did not know the speed limit.”

Now that a few of the sensible reasons have been covered, let’s check out the sure way to speed AND get a ticket:

“I wasn’t speeding, I just got a haircut and it made me look fast.”

“I thought the sign I-95 was the speed limit.”

“I was trying to get the snow off my windshield so I could see where I was going.”

“My car has an acceleration recall and I am on my way to get it fixed now.”

“I cannot miss the breakfast rush.”

 “I am late for the tailgate.”

“I got a leg cramp.”

Don’t speed. Putting your life and others at risk are not worth the ticket. And if you choose to speed, definitely don’t try these excuses! As always, we recommend being completely honest with your police officer. Using an excuse is never guaranteed to get you out of a ticket, and remember: Police officers are human too!

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