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Things you need on a Road Trip

Summer is here! Maybe you are a road trip pro, or this is your first long distance road trip, either way, we are sharing some tips and tricks we have learned over the years.

The absolute essentials you need for your vehicle…

  • License and registration
  • Car insurance policy
  • An extra set of car keys (each driver holds a set-do not keep them in the same place)
  • Car manual
  • Spare tire and jack
  • Emergency tool kit
  • First-aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Hands-free phone mount
  • Car garbage bin or reusable garbage bag
  • Cell phone charger
  • Fluids and an empty gas can if road tripping in remote places
  • Jumper cables
  • Spare tire

Knowing what to bring and cutting out the guesswork makes it so much easier, and much more fun!  Here are some tips on what to bring for you and the other passengers.

  • Snacks – Every been with a hangry passenger?  Road trip snacks are an absolute necessity especially if you want to save money while you travel.  Make sure to bring a good mix of healthy foods like baby carrots, apples, nuts and crackers but don’t forget a small amount of junk food too ?
  • Good navigation apps – If you have ever lost your way and lost cell service at the same tie, you know it is a jarring experience, one you don’t want to be in again!   Download a navigation app with offline features.
  • Chapstick – Sometimes air conditioners can dry out the inside of a car.  Add Chapstick to your road trip essentials to help!
  • Car games – If you are waiting, maybe for a ferry or a traffic issue to clear, it is nice to have back up with a classic card game (just not the driver!) or road trip questions to keep spirits up and your mind off the delays.
  • Headache medication – Sitting in a car for long periods of time can take a toll.  Headache medication can be a great addition to any packing list.
  • Sunglasses – Driving into the sunset can seem romantic, but not when you’re staring straight into the bright lights for hours on end. 
  • Travel pillow – If it is not your turn to drive, you may need to get a little shuteye.
  • Headphones – If you need a little time to yourself (again not while driving), noise-canceling headphones can be worth every penny for peace and quiet.
  • Clothes & Shoes – This one really goes without saying!  Pack enough for the number of days you will be gone or pack less and plan for stops at a laundromat. Most trips, you will not need more than 3 pairs of shoes.  However, ALWAYS pack more socks and underwear than you think you need!
  • Travel blanket – if you are always cold, and the other passengers are not, you may want to pack a small travel blanket.
  • Gum – Studies have shown that chewing gum can help you concentrate on the task in front of you.  So, grab your favorite flavor and get driving!
  • Water bottle – A hydrated driver is a happy driver! 
  • Empty tote – You never know when you will come upon a farmers’ market or you get some mementos from your trip that need a place in the car!
  • Duct tape – This might seem silly, but duct tape seems to fix everything!
  • Batteries – Make a list of the items you have with you that need batteries and pack a few extras of those to have on hand.
  • Cash!!!! – Be sure to pack some extra cash.  You never know when your cards will not work after bank hours, or there are still places that do not accept cards (like state parks).
  • Toilet paper – Again might seem silly, but you never know when you have a ‘potty emergency’.
  • Hand sanitizer – Because not everything you touch will be all that hygienic.  Keep those germs outta the car, especially in the era of Covid
  • Your Mask – Different states have different guidelines and you never know when you’ll need to mask up before a fuel up at the local gas station.

Now you have an idea of things you need to take on your road trip this summer!   Where will the road take you?

 ** If you happen to have any legal troubles, like a traffic ticket, be sure to contact Tad’s Tickets!