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Driving without Insurance, what happens in Missouri.

As with most states, Missouri included, drivers are required to purchase a minimum amount of liability insurance in order to meet the legal requirements of the state.  Missouri’s currently requires drivers to have at least $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, (up to $50,000 per accident), along with $25,000...

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What happens if I get a traffic ticket in a different state?

Many of us drive out of state for various reasons – work, school, or even vacation.  If you travel by car enough and the chances increase that you will get a traffic ticket out of your home state at some point.  So, what happens when you do?   Will you...

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Holiday Driving Tips

We all know how chaotic holiday driving can get. There’s more people out on the roads, which means more potential for accidents. According to AAA, over 103 million people were expected to be on the roads for the holidays last year. Knowing what to expect and what you can...

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