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What to Do When You Get A Ticket Out of State

You’ve probably gotten a ticket close to home before. You know (for the most part) what to do: Call a traffic lawyer to settle it for you, and pay the fines. But what do you do when you’re given a ticket halfway across the country? Do you pay the same fines? Can you still have the same traffic ticket attorney do all the work for you? Do you have to appear in court in that state? Do I really have to pay it? These are all questions that may run through your mind.

For one, don’t think that just because you are out of your home state lines means that you are not subject to other states’ driving laws. Many of the same restrictions will apply in other states that apply to your home state. When getting pulled over by a cop in another state, treat it the same way you would back home. Comply with what the officer asks of you, and do not complain to the officer for getting a ticket (you very well could make it a lot worse for yourself).

Fines may differ across state lines, but it still is incredibly important that you pay as soon as you are able (unless you are contesting the ticket). If you believe the ticket was wrongly given to you, you unfortunately can’t contest unless you bring it up in court in the county and state the ticket was given to you. If you decide to do this, we recommend hiring an attorney from that state that knows the laws and ordinances and can help fight for you in court properly.

Another thing to note is that when you receive out-of-state tickets, your insurance rates could possibly raise. Almost all states in the nation share information on tickets and it will show on your driving record. Especially for more serious traffic violations like DUIs, your license could be revoked for a period of time, even if the accident or issue happened in a neighboring state.

Most people don’t find it worth the time or money to travel back to the state they received the ticket it in to contest it. It may just be easier for you to pay the ticket (many states allow you to pay online, making it even easier). With spring break on the horizon, be careful driving across the country. If you receive a ticket and need an attorney in Missouri, contact Tad Morlan to ensure you are protected in court.