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What to do when you’re getting pulled over

Ever see the blaring lights and the sirens behind you while you’re driving? Almost everyone has been in that position…. How you handle yourself during the traffic stop can really affect your future. Here are tips for having a smooth interaction.

  1. After you’ve pulled over to a safe area, roll down your window, find your license and proof of insurance, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and if it’s dark outside turn on your interior lights. These are all courtesies you can do to show the police officer that you have no ill intentions. Too many police officers have been hurt or killed during routine traffic stops, they are in the mindset of protecting themselves.
  2. What you say to police officer is always important: be polite and to the point, not argumentative. What you say can be used against you and you don’t want to give an officer a reason to detain you.
  3. An officer who has any reason to suspect that you might be dangerous has a right to ask you to exit your vehicle and conduct a quick “pat-down” search of your outer clothing. Upon feeling any weapon-like object during the pat-down, the officer may reach in and get it. The officer can also seize anything during a proper frisk for weapons that obviously feels like contraband.
  4. Police officers are looking for anything incriminating in “plain view” (open beer bottles, bags of weed, etc.) Discovering an item in plain view will lead to a search of your vehicle. Also, if the police officer reasonably believes you’re dangerous and might gain control of weapons, the officer may search areas within the passenger compartment in which a weapon could be placed or hidden.
  5. During the duration of your traffic stop do not interfere or obstruct the police officer in any way. Don’t give him reason to think that you will fight or run.
  6. If you receive a ticket Tad can help- just submit your ticket here.
  7. If there is more to the traffic stop than a routine ticket, give us a call for a free consultation. We’ve handled very complicated traffic stops such as DWI, DUI, and even cases with police misconduct.